Unexpected Ally

With a rush of wind to Carter's back, he briefly thought more demons had arrived and surrounded him. But them, out of nowhere, a mortal boy appeared wielding a sword. However, it wasn't until he started slashing at the demons with the wind behind his blade was Carter able to place him. He'd seen this boy fighting on the beach, just a day ago. But still, who this person was and what they had to gain from this, he had no idea. And if he knew one thing about this world, it was that help never came without a cost.

Then the mortal did something even more surprising then taking up arms against an army of demons. He turned, and yelling to him "The gods are not dead!"

Simple words, but tremendous implications. Of course, he trusted this boy about as much as he could through him, but wouldn't it be just like those 'divine' morons to send a mortal to give him that message? At any rate, he didn't have much of a choice. Already the demons were advancing on them. They'd slash through a thousand demons, but they could only keep it up for so long.

In a last moment of desperation, he raised his sword above his head. With a brutal battle cry, he forced his sword into the floor beneath him. "Lost souls of war, join my ranks and prove your worth!"

Spiderweb cracks split the floor, and as he pulled his blade from the ground a perfect, round hole opened in the ground. It glowed a faint purple, a cold mist surged out. The first soldier to emerge was a spear wielding man, skin bleached of all color except for the red war paint streaked across his chest and face. The next was a confederate soldier in full uniform over his nearly transparent body wielding a musket. Ten more soldiers of varying eras emerged and started taking on the demons with whatever armaments they had when they had been killed.

Of course, these would not last long against an army of demons. They were only distraction to let him concentrate on what he was about to do. He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing, and sheathed his sword. He needed to empty his mind or his message could become scrambled with other thoughts, and he'd only get one shot at this.

"Oh god Pan, lord of the wild, I plead to you for assistance. Demons are attacking an island that seems nearly untouched by the men here. The demons will see this place in flames. Help us protect life, oh Lord Pan. And let life help defend itself."

He breathed out deeply, and cracked open one eye. Three of his soldiers remained. The next one would have to be quick.

"Oh Lord Ares, lord of war and blood lust. Give my father's cause your blessing, and help me and my allies to strike down our foes. May their hands be heavy and their feet be slow. Guide my blows and give me strength. Grant me -"

It was barely noticeable, but the smell of flowers caught his attention. He let his prayer fall from his mind before opening his eyes to see vines sprouting from the floor of the infirmary, wrapping themselves around the demons. The demons struggled, but their strength simply wasn't enough to break free, and they were too slow to react with claws or fangs. Flowers burst to life all around the room, splotches of color polka dotting everything that wasn't moving. But more importantly, nothing was growing anywhere near himself, the mortal boy, nor the soldier in full fatigues firing M16 rounds into the demons.

Once the demons saw what was happening to their comrades, they took to the air. They weren't dead and would almost certainly be back, so it was no victory. Simply not defeat. However, he still had debts to repay.

The soldier saluted him then melted into mist, floating back into the glowing fissure. The dirt sealed itself shut, but the actual floor of the infirmary was still missing. Hades may have been the god of the underworld, but he wasn't the god of  linoleum tiles.

"I thank you for your help," Carter spoke uncertainly to the mortal. "But I still must keep watch, and I must make an offering to the gods for their assistance."

Somehow the mortal didn't seem terribly fazed by anything that had happened, it was as if this was just another day to him. He'd have time to ponder these mysteries later, however. He'd just gotten assistance from the god of the wild, and even if that didn't seem to incredible to the mortal before him, it was disturbing to him.

Carter turned his body to shadow and walked through the various walls of the infirmary. "A good sized goat should do. But I better get something else too. I'll need a big fire."

The End

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