Nice to Meet You. (Ember)

I was standing next to Trixie when she came. She was new, and everyone was ignoring her because all their attention was on Sandra.

"Hey Sandra?" I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not participating in whatever it was the others were doing.

"Yes, you can go talk to her." She read my mind again. I didn't mind this time.

"Just checking!" I turned and walked over to where the newest resident on the island was playing with the water. "Is that your gift?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah I guess." She hadn't heard me coming. "Why is everyone all around the Know-it-all as some call her?"

"She saved us from a hurricane less than a day ago." I sat down next to her. "Welcome to the island. I'm Ember."

"I'm Saren." She played with the water some more.

"Nice to meet you." I set my stick on my lap and watched the ocean.

The End

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