Artemis: I love you.

I had been awake the whole time, just holding Kayla as she slept through the storm. Of course, it was worse on the others I was able to create a barrier of wind around us, so that the shock waves wouldn't hit that much.

I should've known that there was a hurricane coming, the Hurricane's and the Typhoon's don't just pass by for no reason, they make hurricanes in their path.

Then, Kayla began to stir, and she woke up to find me staring at her.

"How long have you been there?"

"As long as you have."

"Ah, I see."

"I think I love you."

She smiled.

"Would you like to see the devastation, I think  I can rebuild it."

She nodded. We crawled up the ladder to the island, and we both saw the devastation. Then, I saw that I needed help.

"I call upon an army of sylphs, the Anemoi, the Venti, the Winds. I call upon the plethora of beings of the wind to help me with this task."

Then I sat down cross-legged and began to control the wind, bringing all the parts from all over the world, and putting the island back together, piece by piece. After about half-an-hour I was finished. I stood up and noticed a plethora of demons all coming to the island, for some reason.

"Umm, Kate, demons! Venti!"

My sword materialized in my hand as I went at war with the various demons. The rushed me back, and I ended up going through various walls, to somewhere in the infirmirary. Where a man stood over a paitent, he was killing demons too. I looked at him.

"The gods are not dead!"

He turned to look at me, and his eyes widend with realization.

"I'm Carter, how do you know about my past?"

I then began to slay more demons.

"I'll tell you after the mass war."

This seemed to be a suitable answer as him and I fought back to back, killing the thousands of demons.

The End

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