Carter: The Faded

They're coming too quickly. As the rain settled, the wind falling to a tranquil breeze, the scent of the demons was immensely stronger. That much wind at their back must have taken off nearly a day from their travel time. They could arrive any hour now.

The blue sky and bright sun gave no indication of what was to come. The sea sparkled and lazily splashed on the shore. It seems uncle Zeus and uncle Poseidon want the demons to succeed in claiming this one. Strange. What could father want that those two wouldn't endorse?

Carter hadn't been more than 100 yards from the boy since he'd sent the hands of death back to the underworld. Their was always the chance of a relapse, he'd seen it happen before. One particularly brave soul would breach the earth again, opening the hole for others to follow, chasing after the smell of death and taking whoever they could get their hands on.

Because, you see, if the dead help guide a soul to the underworld, they are rewarded. But it's long since been known that Hades can't see everything at once, so if the dead help someone to die, that would be their 'little secret'. And while the wrath of a god - should they be discovered - might be enough to deter most, thousands of years of torture or purgatory can make a person do crazy things.

The lazy wind blew again, bringing with it the sent of the demons once more. If he'd thought they were still alive he'd have started praying to various gods and goddesses for help. Pan, Artemis, Athena, and nearly a dozen gods and goddesses that had risen in the last thousand years. But immortality, he knew, did not mean never dieing.

You could talk to anyone and know that the forests and meadows of old were being destroyed. Animals were going extinct. Pan, the god of the wild, had been one of the first to fade. Artemis, goddess of the hunt, was the next. Their just wasn't enough people depending on the hunt anymore. It was just sport, which didn't seem to be the same.  Over the years, fewer and fewer remained. Nobody doubted death, or the sea, or the sky. The Big Three, as they were called, would never fade.

Carter shook his head, focusing on the here and now. Here was an island in the middle of nowhere. Now was an hour before an army of demons would overrun said island, rip the souls from any mortal they got close enough to, and turn any of his undead pledges he summoned into soul food.

The End

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