Kayla: Home

When the storm hit, I felt like a thousand buildings had fallen on me and knocked me out, and there was no escape.  I leaned against the wall with Artemis as the building shook.  The pain only got worse and worse.  I sat down and leaned against Artemis.  I didn't care at this point how close I got to him I had already crossed the boarder of my comfort zone the first day I met him.  Soon sleep took over me releasing me of my pain. 

I dreamt of how things used to be, and what things could be.  But to me now that wasn't a dream but a nightmare.  The life I had here at the island was better then I had ever had before.  So my dreams morphed and became made up fantasy's at the island. 

When I awoke I knew the storm was over.  It was still dark down here and I could make out a couple people that were still in here, near the door, but for the most part everyone had left.  I was still leaning against Artemis and I felt, for the first time, that this was the place to be no matter what happened.  I had friends here who liked me for me and that was that.

The End

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