Good Things Do Happen. (Ember)

I watched as Trixie and Sandra became better acquantances. Maybe even friends. I stood and stretched before joining them. I limped a little as my ankle started to hurt again.  Oh well. I thought.  At least everything is ok. I wandered around a bit, trying to find where the girl's dorm was blown. I want my stick. My ankle was definately trying to point out the fact that I hadn't really paid it any heed. I finally found the girl's dorm a complete wreck, but still standing. Using bird wings, I flew up to my floor and climbed in my window. I looked around at the mess, looking for my stick. It's more of a staff really, but I still call it my stick. There is was, almost puncturing my bed. I limped over and picked it up, using it to walk a little less painfully.

"Wow, it's even more of a mess." Trixie had come into my room. I wasn't really very good at keeping it clean.

"I still like it." I walked over to stand next to her. "I was looking for my stick." I thumped it on the floor.

"I see. You use it to walk with your ankle?" Trixie was looking at my stick. I nodded.

"Once I find my pocket knife and some sand paper, I'm going to make it look nicer." My stick cut into my hand a little. Sandra came in from looking around at the other messes.

"Who's room is this?" She hadn't been paying attention to our minds lately. She must be learning to not do that.

"It's mine." I felt my almost constant companion coming back. My happiness flooded through me, making me feel good like I haven't been in a while.

"It's usually less messy." Trixie smiled. Sandra laughed.

"What? I'm bad at housekeeping, let alone room keeping!"I turned to Trixie. "Yours is either just as bad or not as bad."

"Let's go check it out!" Trixie led the way, followed by Sandra and me with my still awesome stick.

The End

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