Miracle on the Island (Sandra)

   I was playing with a lighter when the hatch opened, and Artemis and Kayla appeared. And then Ember, dragging Trixie like she was a doll. I bit my tongue to keep from laughing.

   Trixie glared at me, and then, with a rush of words exchanged between herself and Ember, she was now teleporting the others inside here.

   I said nothing as Trixie looked at me after everyone else was in here. I knew she was confused and sorry. It was evident in her mind and her expression. I knew everyone else was scared, and a few were grateful to me, especially Ember.

   Outside, we could hear the storm raging and things falling. The only thing we could do was wait for it to pass, and that's exactly what we did. We waited... and waited, and waited some more.

   Three hours had passed, and the winds finally began to die down, softening into the cool breezes of a sunny day on the Island. It struck me hard, as surprises usually did, how calm and normal everything sounded.

   I stood and reached for the hatch, pushing on it, trying to get out. In case I previously have forgotten to mention, I am indeed very claustrophobic. With a little extra elbow grease and a whole-lotta effort, I managed to push it open.

   I knew, just by looking at the hatch door a few seconds ago, that it had been buried under swim rafts and those round little life-savers; and a few arm floaties, too.

   The Island wasn't flooded, as I had feared it would be before the storm hit; I left the hatch door open and found my way outside. I heard footsteps and knew Trixie had followed me.

   "You were right," she mumbled as she stood beside me and looked out at the devastation.

   I bit my tongue to keep from saying, "I told you so." So, instead, I said, "I almost wish I hadn't been."

   "Me too."

   At that, I looked at her, and we burst out laughing. Finally, when the roaring of our laughter died down, we were left gasping in short, desperate giggles.

   Sobering up, I sent, "I'm sorry that you didn't take too well to me last night. And that's understandable. If I had come home like that, they would've kicked me out again. So, again, I'm sorry.

   "You know, I didn't ask to know everything about everyone. It just happened. And as annoying as my 'gifts' can be, they do come in handy sometimes. Like this. If I wasn't able to talk to animals now, I wouldn't have known that the storm was coming."

   "You know, Ember told me almost the same thing last night. And now, I guess I realize that you guys were right."

   "Two for me, one for you," I laughed. I felt that now, it would be okay to say something along the lines of "I told you so."

   "So, are you really going to leave on the next plane that flies out of here?" she asked. "Because I've noticed that you never unpacked your things."

   "I'm not sure," I answered truthfully, thoughtfully. I was playing around with the idea of staying, at least for a few weeks. Trixie nodded, and in her mind, I could hear, "I hope you do stay..."

   "We'll see where experimenting takes us for now," I said at last. And then I walked away to check the other buildings. I already knew what I'd find, but I had to see it for myself.

   When I got to the main cluster of buildings, I saw that they were, for the most part, intact. And no flooding damage. Just a few palm trees uprooted and blown over. This is a true miracle.

The End

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