Trixie, Don't Be So Stubborn. (Ember)

"Trixie!" I pulled on her arm, using mostly my left foot, my right ankle still broken.

"No! She is jsut trying to get our attention." She pulled away, but I hung on tight.

"Give her a chance!" I pulled harder.

"Why? She just a know-it-all!" She finally managed to pull away from me.

"Because I talked to her last night. I was going to swim like a mermaid all the way back to the USA when she stopped me and told me to stay because she was leaving! You saw her crying! I know you did!" I looked up at her with pale, pale blue eyes.

"How did you know that?" She looked at me inquisitively.

"Because the birds told me. I can understand them too. It comes with my power for the animal ways." My eyes suddenly turned a sharp black. Trixie jumped at that.

"What are you trying to tell me?" She had finally given in to let me talk.

"She can't help knowing everything about everyone in a single glance! It wasn't her choice to come here! The government is getting more and more aggressive lately. They have been forcing people to come here." I stood straight and used the fierceness of a tiger in my voice. "I'm going to go with Sandra, and you're coming with me." I grabbed her and pulled her through the door, out of the dorms, and managed to pull her all the way to the storm safety tunnel before she could say

"No I'm not!" But we were already there. "How did you pull me here anyway? Your ankle is broken."

"Does it look like I care? Shut your mouth and sit down please." I  sat down in there too, glaring at the wall.

"What the--?" Sandra looked over at us.

"I don't want to talk right now or else I'll start yelling at you." I closed my eyes tightly as Trixie sat down akwardly next to me.

"What about everyone else?" Trixie was always worrying, this time however, she was right to worry.

"You want to go drag them here?" I opened my eyes and looked at her, my anger boiling down a little. "Why not just teleport them here?"

"How did you know about that? I never say anything about it." She looked at me curiously.

"You told me a few years ago." I anger was completely gone now.

"Oh yeah...." She remembered.

"So, are you going to teleport them here?" Sandra was the one asking now.

"Yes, I will. But if there isn't really a storm--" I cut Trixie off before she could finish.

"If there isn't really a storm and she was misinformed, she'll probably be gone before she'll get punished if she chooses. Now start teleporting." Trixie moved over to where there would be more room, and disappeared. She reappeared with Rosalie, who was looking really confused.

"What happened?" She looked at the group in here.

"Trixie teleported you here. She going to bring everyone here." I answered like I would for the next eight people.

The End

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