Kayla: Hiding

I was up in the sky, i think, with Hurricane when a vision suddenly hit me. 

   I saw Artemis on the beach with his head hung low, and the storm hit.  It was bad, real bad.  I had never seen a storm like that before.  Everything was gone and demolished by the end of it. 

I opened my eyes and gasped loudly.  I looked over at Hurricane.

"Where would you like me to take you?" She asked, her voice calm and steady.

"Back to the island, bring me back!" I needed to go back and quick.  She closed her eyes and smiled.

Soon I was back at the beach standing infront of Artemis.  He looked up at me with red eyes.  I ran over to him and hugged him for a second then grabbed his hand.

"We need to go! Quickly!" I yelled and with that we sprinted for safety.  We ended up in a safety basement, near the infirmary.  I opened the doors and burst in, and closed the doors solidly behind me.  Inside I saw Sandy sitting with a flashlight.

I felt the storm coming.  We had made it just in time.

The End

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