Artemis: A storm.

I was in Kayla's dorm saying goodbye when I heard a voice.

"Artemis, it is I, Hurricane, come to help you."

My eyes widened.

"Kayla, I know a way you can get away."

She looked at me curiously. We both ran outside, it was beggining to get windy, very windy.

Hurricane, come quicker. I have a friend that I wish for you to pick up.

"Very well Artemis."

All the sudden, the winds picked up fiercly and a massive hurricane developed. Everyone except for Kayla and I were inside, hoping for the best. I held Kayla and I there by the power of the wind.

Then, when the storm seemed to be at it's worst, it stopped and a woman in ragged clothing dropped from the sky.

"Hello, Artemis."

"Hello, Hurricane."

In reality there were twenty-six hurricane spirits each with a different name. There was Huriccane Anastasia, all the way to Hurricane Zelda. They were all women. Only the Typhoons (which there are twenty-six of as well) were male. This was Hurricane Henrieta.

"What do you want of me?"

I gestured to Kayla.

"She wishes to leave, let her."

Hurricane nodded and picked up Kayla.


"She'll tell you when you two are up, keep her safe."

"I will Artemis, and have a wonderful day."

At this, she began building a swirling vortex of wind energy around her. It began to lift her, then she began to levitate above the ground, and then, she began to move, past the island. When she was gone I just plopped myself on the beach and closed my eyes, and began to cry for Kayla.

The End

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