Kayla: Goodbyes Are The Worst

I walked beside Artemis on the beach with Scarlet, Velvet and Sandy.  I barely knew what was going on.  I felt a little unstable but somehow I managed to walk stumbling a couple of times and when that happened I held onto Artemis for support.  I had a random thought and I stopped where I was.  Everyone stopped walking and looked at me.  I felt a weird pain and had a strange feeling that something  bad was about to happen.

"Can I talk you, Artemis?" I managed to speak through the pain. 

"Sure." He responded and everyone started to follow him as he walked towards me.

"Only you." I said looking at everyone else.  They stopped immediatly and took a few steps back and I walked a little ways away from them with Artemis.

"I need to leave here, now." I said trying to ignore the pain and weird feeling.

"What do you mean?" He asked with confusion.

"I mean this place, "I said motioning around me, "It's dangerous and the stuff I'm experiancing here has never happened before.  I need to leave no matter what."

"There is no way to leave." He said looking down.

"I'll find a way.  I'll find a boat and think about somewhere and I'll find a way off this island." I said, "I'm gonna go pack."

I turned to head back to my room when Artemis caught my wrist.  He opened his mouth to say something but I stopped him. 

"Good bye." I said and gave him a quick hug then I ran off towards my dorm.

The End

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