Artemis: Umm, maybe this is the death person.

"I don't know what happened, but are you OK to walk with me?"

She  nodded. I hoisted her up and used the wind a bit to stablize her and help her stand. We then began to walk through the infirmirary. Then, there was Scarlet and Velvet sitting in a chair, waiting.

"She's OK now, but I have a sudden feeling that we should go to the beach. Do you mind Kayla, Scarlet or Velvet?"

"No, I don't mind Artemis, just as long as there are no demons trying to eat my soul!"

Kayla just shook her head.

"OK, so we're going."

Scarlet stood up and Velvet trailed behind her, or was it Velvet standing up with Scarlet trailing behind her. Oh, whatever, what does it matter. The cat is Velvet the human is Scarlet. Period.

We walked out of the Infirmirary and onto the beach and there was a woman there.

Breath of Knowledge.

The breath told me quite a bit about her. Then, she turned to look at us.

"What the hell are you guys doing here! Scarlet, Velvet, Artemis, Kayla you guys are practically royalty with all your powers and Artemis, you are gaining quite a following."

"The Gods are not dead."

Sandra looked at me, she was very confused.

"Come again?"

"Nevermind. Would you like to hang out with us, Sandra? Or would you rather be leaving?"

The End

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