Leave or Stay? (Sandra)

   I sighed and laid my head back down in the sand, retreating into my thoughts. Ember had been right.... I didn't choose to know everything about everything. But as troublesome as the could be, it also became very handy when trying to sneak out, and just who to talk to on the streets. Then again, so was the shape shifting, the mind reading/ mind conversing, and well... other things that I am just beginning to learn about.

   Like, my new affinity for creating really good speeches off the top of my mind. Okay... I'm kidding. That's not a gift, it's a skill that I learned seven years ago. There is a clear, if only barely, difference between these "gifts" or "talents" and skills.

   But, pushing the thoughts of home and family away, the real question is:  Do I stay, or leave? My heart was set towards staying, my mind set for leaving. Logic was telling me that I would be voted off the Island, like in Survivor, before the end of the week, so why bother even staying that long, giving people the chance to dislike me. My emotions, always the bossy, demanding one, say to give them that chance and to try to be proven wrong. Being wrong isn't really something I'm accustomed to, so saving myself the pain of rejection is usually what wins out.

   But... no. I am getting on that plane this morning, and I am leaving this stink hole. That's what I need. And if it's it meant to be, fate will have a way of getting me back here. Hopefully, though, not any time soon.

   I need this, I need this, I need this, I need this, I need this, I need this, I need this, I kept telling myself. I. Need. This.

   But, I don't want it...

The End

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