Give a Chance. (Ember)

The know-it-all--no Sandra- -told me to stay. Maybe she's not that bad. I followed her across the island, taking the long way. When I caught up, she was asleep, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Everybody has to let it out sometimes. She probably had a lot to let out. I watched as she did that sniffly gasp thing that you do after crying really hard in her sleep. She's probably still like a little kid. I sat down next to her and changed my eyes into owl eyes so I could see and began to think

"What are you doing here?" I was so absorbed in my thoughts, I hadn't seen Sandra wake up.

"I followed you. It wasn't right of me to think I know you from the first impression when I don't. So, I followed you to see what's up." I gazed out to sea.

"Oh." She sat up, but didn't meet my eyes.

"It isn't your fault or your choice to find out everything about a person just by glancing at them. The fact that you knew my secret fired me up because I hadn't told anyone that secret." She was quiet.

"What's the island like?" She asked in an uncertain voice.

"The island? Well, there's no way to explain it really. You just have to see it for yourself." I could tell she was tired. "You could at least give it a chance. There's nice people around here. and there's also a cafeteria and practice hall where you can practice your gift and you get to do whatever you want the whole day!"

"Then why were you going to leave?" She looked me in the eyes.

"I don't know. I just...I didn't like you, and I wasn't going to give you a chance. Until you stopped me with that speech of yours." I looked over at her. "And I'm sorry. It was bad behaviour."

"Maybe I shouldn't leave..." She was venturing into her own thoughts. I wouldn't stop her.

"It's completely up to you." I stood and started to walk back to the dorms. I stopped and turned around. "If you decide to can go back to your room. The key for it will be on your bed." I headed towards the dorms, leaving Sandra to think for herself.

The End

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