Chill Out (Sandra)

   I watched as Trixie pleaded with Ember to make her stay. Deep down, under my annoyance that she couldn't just say my name (though I realized that I'd never told either of them my name, so it was totally fair--in a way-- that she call me "Know it all"), I did feel bad about making her feel this way. After a mean argument, Trixie realized that she couldn't change her friend's mind.

   "So, that's it. You're leaving me. Ember, I just got you back," she said, sounding more like a desperate boyfriend than a concerned and upset friend, though it was perfectly reasonable that she sound like this.

   "I know. But you can blame the Know-It-All," She said. And with that, she left the room with her bag over her shoulder. She walked right by me without even knowing I was there. I decided to follow her.

   "You can chill out. Firstly, I'm not telling anyone your secret. I give you my word, though that probably doesn't mean much to you. I have secrets too, and if our positions were switched around, I would hate me too. Luckily, I already do hate me. Secondly, the next ride out of here is at dawn tomorrow morning. Thirdly, you don't have to leave, because I'm the one doing the leaving part. I'm ditching this stink-hole tomorrow morning at dawn, when the next plane arrives. That's only six hours away. I think, I hope, that you can wait that long. I would leave sooner, as in right this very moment, but, much to my disappointment, I can't fly over two thousand miles of ocean without stopping. So, you stay. I go.

   "Oh, and by the way, I have a name. It's Sandra. I highly doubt you care, but that's what I prefer to be addressed by. So, I won't be seeing you, or anyone else here, around. Not if I can help it, anyway," I told her solemnly. To my surprise, she had stayed to listen to my entire speech. I almost smiled, but didn't--because that would ruin the mood and tick Ember off more. Keeping my face carefully composed and resigned, I shifted into a bird and flew high in the air, heading to the other side of the Island.

   When I got there, I sat down in the sand, and I cried. And cried. And cried some more. I just couldn't stop crying.

   I hadn't realized how much I had kept inside me. All the drama at "home," all the drama here with Trixie and Ember, it was just too much for me to handle without stopping to let it out.

   Eventually, my sobs quieted down into soft, whispered tears rolling down my cheeks. I could tell that someone, someone by the name of Trixie, was behind me, watching me. I knew she knew that I knew she was there. She didn't make any attempt to talk to me, though, and I was grateful for that. But to be seen crying, me, Sandra Elms crying, a deep sense of fury and anguish burned inside me, searing my veins. I was always the one that was strong, sarcastic, witty... I never cried. Not really.

   Eventually, after doing my absolute best to ignore Trixie and her thoughts of pity, despite her anger at me, I fell asleep in the sand, face turned up to the stars.

The End

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