Reeking Havoc

   After the plain took off, I was greeted by strangers... Well, I couldn't exactly call them strangers; I already knew absolutely everything about them.

   Wow, we have had so many new kids lately... It's really strange, a girl named Trixie's thoughts chimed in.

   "Hi, I'm--" I cut off the girl before she could go on.

   "Yes... I know. You're Trixie. You've been here since you were four. And, you're Ember, Trixie's best friend; oh, and I know... Your hair is natural. I bet you didn't know that your hair is that way because something went wrong with your cells when they were trying to decide what you were supposed to look like; they got confused and became dysfunctional and a little of this and that happened with the chemicals and pigments in your hair. Isn't that cool?" I said, beating past all the formal introductions.

   "You're saying that I'm deformed?" Ember asked, raising an eyebrow.

   "Of  course not. Just your hair. But don't take it as an insult; it looks great on you," I said in my sweetest sweet-talking voice I usually reserved for the people on the streets of Detroit.

   "I could make hair like that if I wanted," I told them.

   "Yeah... Anyone could die their hair like that. Or, like yours, with all the pinks and greens," Trixie said, copping a bit of a sarcastic attitude. It was evident, in thoughts and stance, that Trixie wasn't taking well to me.

   "Um... I didn't die my hair, thank you."

   "So, your hair is deformed too?" Ember asked, sarcastically innocent.

   "No. I did this," I said, eyes wide. And then I spun around and suddenly, I looked like an innocent six year old with cute, platinum blond hair short hair. And then I changed back. "Why waste money when I can do it for free?" I asked rhetorically.

   "Okay, you're a shape shifter. You could have just said so. And, how did you know all this information about us? Did you get briefed on the residents here?" Trixie asked, looking me up and down skeptically, obviously thinking "What makes her so special that she gets briefed on us and the others don't?"

   "No, I didn't get briefed. And I most certainly didn't get any special treatments. Oh, how I wish I did, though."

   "No, I know about you two the same way I know absolutely everything else about the Island, Dill, Griff, Jenny, Yin, Yang, Matt, Artemis, Kayla, Carter, Rosalie, Clio, and Kat. I'm simply a Know-It-All. I'm not being sarcastic by that comment, either. Since I was seven, I've been able to know everything about people," I told them, smiling at their surprised reactions.

   "I can prove it to you, if you'd like."

   I walked up to Ember and whispered in your ear. "I know the secret you haven't even told Trixie," and then, I whispered that secret to her. Her eyes went seriously wide at that... I'm serious (no kidding, there, eh?). Her eyes were wider than the Jumbo Frisbees at Wal-Mart.

   "You won't tell anyone, right? Please, don't tell anyone," she pleaded with me, begging me.

   "Oh please; I'm not that cruel. I understand." And with that, I walked away from them, on my way to the girl's dormitory to drop my stuff off.

   Behind me, I could hear Trixie asking, "What don't you want her to tell anyone?"

   Then, Ember saying, "Please Trixie, I don't want to talk about it."

   Deciding to be a bit kinder, and possibly to show off a little bit more I sent (with my mind) "Relax, Trix. It's nothing that concerns you, and I can give my scout's honor that it won't destroy your guys' relationship. Just leave her alone and she'll tell you when she's ready to.

   "Yes. I can communicate with you, and others, through the mind. And yes, I can, also, read minds. It's just a knack I have," I sent back to her shocked thoughts.

The End

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