This was great. Just. Plain. Great.... If you can't tell, I am, in fact, using sarcasm. I pushed my colorful hair out of my eyes.

   I hate him! I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate him! This is all his fault. If he didn't exist, I could be happily working crowds full of strangers and getting money, as was my specialty. But noo! Garrett just couldn't leave me alone!

   Pardon my rude introduction there. My name is Sandra. With long, mostly brown hair to the middle of my back, blond bangs and pink and green stripes in my hair, I am a wholly five feet and two inches tall, and I'm a people pleaser. Kind of. My mom used to say that I just had a great charisma.

   I snorted in spite. That was before my step-dad, or Step Loser, as I preferred to call him, discovered that I was different. The Step Loser is Garrett, just to inform you.

   So, just because I can read minds a little bit and feel emotions, take a look at a random stranger and know absolutely everything about them, and change my shape, and possibly a whole slew of other things, the stupid Step Loser Garrett decides to send me off to this, quote, "great camp for people like me."

   Okay first of all, this is an isolated island for freaks, no offense to anyone else who may be able to read thoughts, not a camp. Second, the word great is used loosely, and it's a matter of opinion. And I highly doubt anyone is as talented as I am. As you will eventually learn, I am very opinionated, and vain, and happen to think highly of myself. As my mother always said (before she met the Step Loser and "fell in love" with a man from not a very nice place) "You must first like and respect yourself if anyone else is to like and respect you."

   Oh, how I miss the good old days before Garrett ruined the picture by knocking on the door of our lives.

   But back to the topic that infuriates me and probably peaks your interest. The Island for Gifted People. It's a joke, a scam. I can positively guarantee that I will hate it here. But, the men in black (that was not intended, but it suites them) did say that I can leave at any time. It's a pity I couldn't have left before I arrived. A real shame...

   I decided a few nights ago, as I was traveling by a slow and tiny metal scrap that they dared to call a plane... Well, I decided that I wouldn't even bother unpacking my things as I planned on leaving just as soon as I possibly could.

   I could feel the plane descending now, and peered out of the tiny hole covered with glass they called a "window". It wasn't much of a window. I could see a small strip of something that was supposed to be a landing strip. Brilliant.

   I was now joining the ranks of "gifted people like myself". Yeah right. Is anyone else here a total and complete know it all? Literately. That's the way I am. I look, hear, see, taste, touch something, and I know positively everything about it/them.

   And so a new chapter in my life has just begun, I think wryly as I step off the tiny scrap of metal and onto the squishy sand of the Island.

The End

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