What the--? (Ember)

I woke up to the sound of demons screeching in pain.  What in the world? I got out of bed and limped to the window. A boy and two girls and a cat were fighting them.  Hm. Where did they come from. I decided to find out, as soon as I found out what had happened to my ankle. To find that out, I'd have to go to the infirmary.

After finding out my ankle was broken (yes broken) and got it wrapped up I used my awesome stick to walk out to the beach to talk to the strangers. Right before I got there, one of the girls crumpled to the ground without warning.

"Kayla!" The boy yelled. He rushed to her side.

"There's an infirmary over there."I pointed in the direction I had just come. The boy jumped at the sound of my voice.

"Who are you?" Strangely, it was the cat that asked me.

"I'm Ember. Do you usually talk out loud or did you meow? Are you even really a cat at all?" I was sensing that the human girl was the real cat and not the cat.

"No, I'm not really a cat. How could you tell?" She looked up at me with her cute little cat face.

"Same way I can do this." Instantly, bird wings sprouted from my shoulders. They disappeared just as quickly. I looked down at the boy leaning over the girl, my eyes turning a deep purple.

"Kayla?" He was shaking her lightly.

"Again, the infirmary is over there." I pointed again. He picked up the girl named Kayla and started walking. I turned toward the cat and girl. "I can take you to a room that you can have."

"Ok." She was uncertain. I knew how that felt.

"Just follow me." I started part walking and part limping back to the girl's dorm.

"Um, what happened to your ankle?" She and her cat started to follow me.

"Let's just say, don't fall asleep in trees." We kept walking.

The End

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