Artemis: Look out!

I was running to Kayla because I had just seen a peculiar sight. There was a demon floating across the island. I had to make sure that Kayla was alright. I've never been this close to anyone before.

"Look out!"

All of the sudden, a demon appeared near her. I used the wind to pull her to me, while simeoultaneously pushing the demon away. I managed to get her in my arms then I throw both of us to the ground, meanwhile she uses her powers to create a shield of sand between us and the demon.

"What is going on!"

"I don't know. But, I saw the demon walking about."

"How could you see it?"

"A sylph came and said that there was something for me to see."


Then, we heard a scream, and a hiss.

"We have to help them!"

She nodded and she pulled away the cloak of sand. We then began to run to the origin of the scream.


At this, a sword materialzed in my hand. My sword, whose name is secret to everyone but myself. Then we began to near a girl and what looked like a cat, being surrounded by demons.

"Kayla, you use your powers to protect the girl, I'll try to kill the demons."

She nodded. Then, it became war. I began fighting the demons, and Kayla protected the girl. Then, she was talking to them. A demon appeared behind me to strike, but luckly I teleported from place and slashed him down the back. Eventually, I killed them all. Kayla, the new girl and the cat were all scared.

"Venti, thank you for your help."

At this, my sword instantly became rust, and then blew away into the wind.

I like how it does that.

I then ran to be with Kayla. I grabbed her arms.

"Are you ok?"

She nodded. Then, I turned my attention to the girl.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, so is my cat."

But, the cat said this. I looked down, confused.

"It's my power. I can switch bodies with my cat."

"Peculair, what a very interesting power. I can see how that would be advantageous. I can definately see why AVALANCHE would want you."

"I'm sorry AVALANCHE?"

Then Kayla answered.

"They're the goverment group that we're working for. They keep us here, hoping to turn us into weapons for their army."

The girl looked confused.

"How can me having the ability to switch bodies with my cat be used for war?"

"Imagine, for a second, that you were trying to infiltrate a building to gain information about something. So, you waltz in as a cat, and noone gives you a second look."

Kayla nodded.

"That would be fun to be a cat."

The girl looked hopeless.

"So, I'm here to be a weapon?"

"We all are sweetie."

"Wait, how do you know?"

"I was part of AVALANCHE project: Element. They gathered those that had powers relating to the elements, and made us 'generals' you could say. Through that, I was able to get information from the higher-ups using my abilities. That's how I know so much."

"And you can't get us off of here?"

"No, not that I can tell. I don't have enough reserves of energy to command the wind so such strenuous periods and for such strong weights. We'd need Volt to end up here, or someone with his power."

"Who was Volt?"

"Volt's real name was Carl Greifman. He had the ability to transfer energy. Without him, I could never have broke out of AVALANCHE's grasp."

"Hmm, I see."

"So tell me your name."


Meanwhile, somewhere else. A god named Carter just watched what happened.

"So, that's how I'm going to hold them off for two days."

The End

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