oh. (Jenny)

I tried my hardest to explain the plans with The Outing, the helicopter, how we'd been doing fine until flying over the island and how everyone had helped us so much. Taylor just stared back blankly, as if he was still in a dream. I could tell that nothing I said was going to get through to him right now, but just seeing him well again made me happy.

I let him sleep and turned to leave when I saw Matt. My hands flew to my mouth as I saw his shirt, stained with blood. I reached out and grabbed a nearby sheet, dabbing at the blood. It was evident I had no experience in first aid and was starting to panic, so I curiously touched the wound. Matt groaned in his sleep and I flinched, but I was still thinking. Maybe if I put all my effort into this... My brow furrowed as I pictured my healing powers go to his body, my hands as the passing point. Come on, please....I thought I'd just gotten somebody I cared about back. I could do with not losing another one. Please...

I closed my eyes and felt my fingers surge with energy. Slowly I opened my eyes and beamed at my effort. I could see the blood had stemmed, and where the cut had been open now the skin was slowly fusing once more. It would take a little longer than on myself, but it was a lot better than its previous state. I sighed out of relief and reached out to check the skin was intact, that it wasn't just some trick I was playing on myself.

Yes, definately there. But wait-what was this? I could see something...without warning (though a part of me knew this would happen) my head shot backwards again, and this time visions of Matt's past flooded my brain... A gravestone, streets, alleyways, Matt crouching-so cold. Why? I remember Matt being all evasive about the past-travelling on his own. I thought he knew people, stayed in a house at least.  My heart went out to him-I wanted to help. And that gravestone, the image kept returning. Was Matt an orpan too?

I had no other clues to Matt's past as suddenly I came out of the vision and yelled out. It must not have been that loud-but loud enough to wake Matt. I stood staring at him, before I said '...I didn't know you lived on the streets.'

The End

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