Well...What Do We Have Here?

Soon enough night fell and the stars popped out. I went for a midnight walk like I did last night to see someone tangled in a tree. I ran over, flashing my torch in their face and watching them squint. I laughed. It was Dil. 

"You okay?" I tried to make the sides of my lips that were turning into a smile go back down.

"Not really." he replied. I stood there, not really knowing what to with him or how to get him out. He then magically appeared a random monkey tail on the bottom of his spine, wrapping it around a branch and climbing down. 

"Sorry I couldn't help, i'm a little useless at that sort of thing." I watched him land on the ground, wiping at his t-shirt. 

He shook his head, "No problem." Then with a wave to each other we went back to our dorms. 

I slept a dreamless, warm sleep, ignoring anything that kept popping up in my mind and pushing it away, waiting for what might happen tomorrow.

The End

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