No Sleeping In Trees. (Ember)

When I opened my eyes again, it was dark. Really, it was night. I groaned. I moved the slightest little bit and felt vicious pain in my ankle. I looked down (up but down to me.) and saw my ankle completely tangled and twisted in vines. I was still upside-down! So that's why I feel dizzy. I began to think about how to get down from this mess. Fly like a bird? No, I would just get more tangled. I had learned that from experiance. Suddenly an idea came to me.  Monkey tail!!! Abruptly, using my powers, I had a monkey tail. Using it, I climbed slowly up another vine next to me and managed to become level with my ankle. I tied the vine around me using the rescue knot and began to try to untangle my ankle. I bit my lip hard against the agonizing pain I was feeling in my ankle. Five more knots and it's over. I sighed in relief as I finished with the knots. I climbed down the vines and felt solid ground underneath me. Shortly afterwards, I looked around trying to remember how I had gotten there.

"Ah!" I saw the path that had gotten me there. Grabbing a stick about the same height as me, I started to limp back to the dorm.

The End

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