Scarlet and Velvet


Scarlet Teaze.

I stared out of the helecopter window, I've never been in a helecopter before. It's cool! Velvet, my cat, mewed at me softly. She's my gift! Velvet and I can swap bodies, so she has to go every where with me. She's the other half of my soul...Literally.

I thought back to when we first figured out my gift.....

"No, Scarlet, your not having a cat!!!"Mum snapped.

"But, maaaaaaa!"Doing my best Cartman impressoin."I really feel a connectoin between this cat and me! It's almost as if we belong together!"I say in my normal voice.

"Oh...Seeing as it's your birthday."She finally gave in.

"OHHHH!THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!"I squealed. "I'm going to call her Velvet!"

As soon as we got home, I got her out of her carry cage and played with her, it was only until we were watching TV that Mum figured it out.

I suddenly found myself feeling smaller and..Hairier. Oh, I have four legs...I thought to myself, realising I was my cat. Velvet was in my body! She/I was playing with the ball of string!

Mum cried so much when I got to the helecopter. She's been a wreck ever since Daddy died. I can't bare to think what she'll be like now...All alone!

No! Don't think like that! I told myself firmly. Your going to The Island. And you need to think about how much fun you'll have there!

 We finally got to the I sland. It was sooooo pretty.

"Were here, Velvet! Were here! Were gonna be accepted!" I whispered to the little, silky ginger cat that I had just moved onto my shoulder, so she was like a parrot. She rubbed her head against my hair in agreement.

"Thanks!"I said. I looked around. Once I'd gottten out and stepped onto the ground, it had gone into the air again, ruffling my orange hair as it did so.

"Ohhh, Velvet! A beach1 But you probably wont like that...Water...sand, maybe you could go find some birds to catch! I bet this islands FULL of birds!"I said softly to her, she jumped off m shoulder and looked up at me with her big, blue(yes blue.) eyes. I looked down at her with MY big blue eyes.

I laughed. "No...haha! I'm not swappig with you Velvet!" She did her 'pleaseeeeee' eyes.

"I'll swap tonight! Promise!"I said. She looked satisfied. We walked onto the compound....

The End

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