I kept my eyes fixed on Taylor the whole time that Matt attempted to hustle the figure off. The figure instead found a way out by turning into some wind. It was all a blur for me... but I still watched Taylor's body, my breath catching inside as I waited. I don't know what for. My could feel tears welling up-maybe I expected a long beep. A silence. Maybe I really did expect Taylor's death. But then I saw. His cheeks bloomed with life and I saw his hands twitch. He couldn't be...

Taylor breathed and sat up in bed, gasping. I jumped back instinctively, though I shouldn't be one to comment on regeneration. Matt seemed equally taken aback, and managed to haul himself up off the ground, though he stopped as he stood and gripped his back. I felt the need to rush to his aid, and I would've. But...I couldn't. I just couldn't force myself to move my feet from their fixed points. I couldn't drag my eyes from Taylor in his bed. Looking at his hands, touching his chest to check he was all there. Boy, do I know the feeling. He felt new. He looked new. He turned and surveyed his surroundings and that's when his eyes fell on me. Those blue eyes.

'Jenny?' he rasped, his voice sore from lack of use. 'What is this?'

I rushed to his bed and grabbed his hands. 'Taylor, is Oh my gosh!' I wiped away my tears again. 'We've been so cut up-I thought you wouldn't wake up... but Matt helped, and we asked Trixie to let us check on you and Matt!' I turned to Matt and beamed in gratitude, as he in response put his hands behind his back. 'Matt found The Outing for you! The helicopter's kindof wrecked but we can find some way to-'

'Wait. Wait. What helicopter? What's the outing? Have we gone on some school trip or something? I don't understand...'

Oh, this is brilliant. He cannot remember a thing.

The End

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