Things that were going to happen, actually don't happen

On the way to bingo, we stopped for pobskicles.

By the time we got to bingo, Johnny's mom had dripped grape all over her toilet and the white wife-beater she was wearing. 

"I cain't play no bingo on this sticky a** toilet, now take me home and clean this b**ch 'fore I whup you, boy!"

"Yes ma'am."

And with that, we turned around and headed toward the Fruitangelo house.

At this point I realized I had no idea what I was doing following these two lunatics around everywhere, especially since it was only as a favor to Johnny that I even cared about the Island of the Gifted in the first place.

I trailed along behind them anyway, though, eyes fastened to my iPhone, texting furiously to my twin sister, Veronica.

Dont worry, i dont think they suspect us yet. He believes i dont know where the island is. Also he doesnt know about marcwojo. 


"Hey Johnny," I announced. "I think I know where the Island of the Gifted is."

He whirled around to look at me. His mom, surprised by the sudden movement, flapped her arms in the air and yelled "wwhooooooaaaah!"

"How do you know?!" said Johnny.

I gasped. He knows.

"Oh, um... Veronica just texted me. She's been making phone calls all day. It's in, well, the Sea. We'll need to take a boat. Are you coming or what?"

The End

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