best. (Jenny)

I woke up at around six-probably the most sensible hour I'd managed since I arrived. Maybe things were returning to normal. No, wait- as normal as it could be. Because by now I'd found that nobody on this island was what the majority would refer to as normal. ...Not that I was complaining. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I sat up in bed and looked around. I had no idea what I was looking for-sometimes it was Taylor, other times the painting, sometimes I saw my parents. Lately though more often I'd had the feeling I was looking for Matt. And-wait a second.

A black fireproof case.

Which I recognised very well.

I nearly whooped in delight. The Outing! Matt must've found it-I had no idea just how but...he was amazing! I couldn't wait to get this to Taylor, he would be so pleased.. if he were to get better. I jumped out of bed and hastily grabbed a pile of clothes to change in the toilets when I saw-

'Matt! How long have you been here? I mean-where?' I asked, gesturing at The Outing. ' Wh-Thank You!'

Matt smiled. 'Ah. You forget my powers. Controlling the elements comes in quite handy when you're looking underwater.'

'Oh you Genius!' I grabbed Matt in a second hug. This time it seemed more... needed. There was less awkwardness. And it felt good. After I'd dressed we carried (well Matt carried for a while but I insisted on helping) The Outing to the boys' dorm, to set beside Taylor. When he woke (if he woke) he would be so happy. However, on reaching Taylor's bed my eyes grew wide and Matt and I saw a dark figure, leaned over Taylor, a hand on his chest. The machine connected to Taylor was making weird whirring and beeping sounds. I panicked and yelled, 'What are you doing here?'

The End

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