Underwater (Matt)

I picked Jenny off the floor, she slept silently as I carried her the thirty metres or so to the girls dormitory. I lay her silently on her bed before walking out into the darkening sky. I thought about my earlier staement about the painting being lost at sea. I moved quickly down towards the beach.

I recalled Jenny mentioning the long black fireproof box the painting was stored in. If it was fireproof surely it's waterproof. I slipped of the expensive shirt and left it under a palm tree before wading out into the sea. I stood still for several moments, I lowered my hands into the water and clapped. I let a wave of air rush from my fingertips in one long wave, it acted like a radar. I waited for a few seconds then I felt the wave of air hit something far beneath the surface.

I dived pushing water behind me to act like a propultion sytem. I shot towards the object stopping short and swimming normally for the remaining few metres. I studied the the thing as well as I could with the salt water stinging my eyes. I traced the shape of the object with my hands. It was a retangular box, a feeling of joy ran through me. I'd found Jennys painting, but it was stuck between several peices of coral.

I grabbed the edges and pulled, it didn't budge. I took a depp breath from the private supply I kept stored in my lungs. I swam away from the box and concentrated. I pulled water from the surrounding area and placed it behind the box before using the water to force the box out of the coral. It shot like a bullet from its coral prison narrowly missing my head as it shot for the surface. I sped up after it, following the trail of bubbles up towards the beach.

I erupt from the water and collapse onto the sand. I pull my head out of the sand and spit grains onto the beach. I look around the box has landed a few metres away. I crawl towards it placing my hands onto it to make sure it was real. I begin to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Trixie stood above me, her blond hair shineing in the moonlight.

"I found the painting." I laughed hauling myself to my feet and Lifting the box before running off to the girls dormitory. Trixie stared after me before turning back to doze in her usual spot.

The End

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