truly. (Jenny)

I slumped down at the boys' dorm floor again. 'I really don't think this is going to work, Matt. We've been looking for...' I paused as I tried to remember how many days we'd gone out to the helicopter and looked for The Outing. I ran out of fingers to count on. '...too long. I don't think we'll find The Outing anywhere.'

Matt half smiled at my exhausted slump and sat to join me. 'Well...maybe we're not looking in the right place. Perhaps it got lost in the sea. Or maybe somebody picked it up...have you asked Trixie?'

'Asked me what?' Trixie popped her head around the dorm door as if by magic. Urgh, I had to stop being surprised by this- we all have powers. I still hadn't gotten used to it yet. She stepped inside. 'I'm just checking Dil's still here. The past couple of nights he's been sneaking to our dorm to talk to Rosalie. I think something might be going on.' She giggled and Matt and I joined in. We'd all seen how Dil got stuttery about the new girl, and she seemed nice enough. Not that I'd really had a chance to meet her-the last week my days were filled with searching for The Outing with Matt, then going to see Taylor and planning where we would look the following day. I'd spent so much time with Matt it seemed we were the only people on this island... but not like I'd see him in that way. I loved Taylor. Right?

Speaking of Taylor... 'How do you reckon he's doing?' I said to Trixie, motioning to the hybrid of human and computer, which still sent a small shiver down my spine if  I though about it too much.

'He seems Ok at the moment,' Trixie paused, as if uncertain to carry on. 'But just recently he hasn't been responding to the medicine. It's FINE,' she stressed "fine" as she saw my expression change to one of worry. 'We'll just try something new tomorrow.' She picked herself up and started to leave. 'Night.'

I smiled at Trixie in gratitude. She'd given up long ago telling me I shouldn't be in the boys' dorm. I rested my head on Matt's shoulder and felt myself drifting into sleep again...

The End

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