I awoke at ten o'clock, wiping at my eyes sleepily. I snuggled in my bed until Trixie walked in, fully dressed, a smile on her face. I got up, shifting my legs so they were hanging off the side of the bed and looked up at her.

"Hey Trixie," I smiled and stood up. "You must've gotten up early!"

"Early bird gets the worm! Come on, get dressed and you can come have breakfast with all of us. I'll see you in the canteen!" she waved to me and walked out, leaving me alone in my bedroom. 

I searched through my wardrobe to find a group of different types of clothes hanging on coat hangers. I picked out a floral dress due to the sunny weather, yanking my belt around the centre of it and a cardigan and tights. I brushed through my hair, but with it frizzing out in so many different directions, I gave a sigh and pulled it up into a pony-tail. 

I then brushed my teeth and pulled my cardigan tightly around me, slipping on my shoes and closing my door. I walked to the canteen anxiously, I'd forgotten my map. I'd look like i'm lost if I went back to get it. Well, I nearly was lost. On my way I saw my younger friend Ember.

"Hey Ember!" I called to her and she turned, "I'm a little lost, could you take me to the canteen please?" 

"Sure, i'm on my way there now!"

The End

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