the unravelling


In the age of the Ancients my tribe was all powerful, immortal.   There is a man you may know as Walt Sasparelli, but he did not always go by that name.  That is the name he deceives Earth with.  He is the dark force  of the Immortals, and he is known as WALTER Sasparelli.  He cursed my mother and I, leaving us in this godforsaken state.

Using his magical powers, a magnifying lass and an ant, he tricked my mother, Frita into saying her name backwards three times.  It was far too easy, as my mother has a speech impediment, causing her S's to sound like t's.  That dastardly villain, disguised asWally Sasparelli, in disguise, asked her, "Ma'am, can you tell me what surfers ride on?"

"Atirf?", said my mother, too kind to be called naive.



"Pardon?"  I can see his wretched sneer now.  She answered and the curse was set.  That the next time my mother sat down, it would be the last place she'd be alive.  Should she move from her seat, she would die.

When I came home, she was on the toilet, and I swore, that I would not leave her there.   So, now I trudge through life, my mother strapped to my back on the seat that keeps her alive, ready with her magic Bow of Two Arrows at Once at the ready.

And I stand in the alley waiting for Veruca.  I will never tell her of...Marcwojo.

The End

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