My name is Johnny Fruitangelo, but you would not know that.  I haven't used my earth name since the death of my mother, Frita Fruitangelo.  It is a name I will never use again, not until I restore my mother to her rightful place.  Nor will you guess my age, for even I could not validate your estimation - I have no idea.  I am over 1000 years old.

I am,  I guess, one of the old gifted ones.  We walk alone, have alawyas walked alone, and I have lived in the same house with my mother since I was born.  

Do I have powers like those of a Superhero?  Oh, the youth of today with comic books, might call me that, but I am by nature, a demi-God.  You could call me an angel if you see fit, and like the others, I have a gift.  

Gifts, really.  When travelling long distances, I can assume cruise control, keeping a steady pace for long distance travel,  and, of course power wipe, adding 2 ply to any absorbent towel I come across.   But they, within the Buddhist philosophy of "ying-yang", come at a cost. 

I am off now, the burden of my existence, and life gving saviour strapped firmly to my back, cased in her white porcelain shell.  I will be meeting with Veruca the Vivacious one of the other surviving immortals, as she has found a puuzle she thinks will point us towards the key to our salvation.  A Place called, "the island of the Gifted"

I am called Dreadwalker.  You will know me later, if you hear me now.

The End

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