Artemis: I have not the slightest...

"What just happend?"

Her question jolted me out of my melancholy daze.


She looked frantic, like she had just been hit by a train, and survived.

"I kicked the three, leaned my head against it and got a headache. Then, I stepped back and there was no headache. Explain!"

"Well, maybe the island has a defense mechanism that protects against us overthrowing the AVALANCHE workers. It would make sense. There was this one guy I know, we all called him Morpheus, he could make inanimate things live. But, he couldn't heal. It was a very odd power, but it helped. Last I heard of him he decided to join AVALANCHE as one of their executives under the name of John Dark. He may well have made this island come alive to act as a defense mechanism against us."

The color drained from her face and she kicked the tree again, this time it propelled her backwards about ten feet.


I turned and helped her stand up.

"I would suggest not hurting the island." I looked to the sky and saw that it was night. Already. I turned to Kayla. "We should go to the dorms. You are expected and when they see me here they're gonna have some questions."

She accepted it and I held her hand as we walked to the dorms. We found the office easily and I knocked on the door. A woman answered, wearing standard AVALANCHE attire, and I recognized her.

"Hello, Rose, Kayla is expected here, and I assume you'll have some questions for me."

Rose's eyes widened as she realized who I was. She grabbed Kayla's arm, and Kayla winced from the pain.

"You, stay here, I'll take this one to her room."

With this, Rose left with Kayla. After about five or ten minuetes had passed, Rose came back, and she escorted me inside the office and sat down.

"What made you come here?"

I sat down as well.

"I was in a boat, running from you guys, and low on energy. I asked the wind to guide me to a safe place where I could get better."

"And it guided you here?"


"Right, what's your power?"

"Rose, you know."

"Right, you're sixteen now right?"

"Indeed, seventeen on June 21st."

"Yes, you were the solstice baby. Tell me, how did you escape from underground hangar 8?"

"It was a group job. Volt, you remember him, was able to transfer the energy from several inmates to me. Upon which, I released a seismic wave of wind. The stale air made it travel faster and every single bar was blown off it's hinges. Meanwhile, Joan was keeping them all safe with her shields. We all escaped, and we all beat you. We left and at the end, I sealed that hangar and imploded it. How did you escape?"

"I wasn't in the building that night."

"Oh, right."

"Do you still have Venti?"


"Give it to me."


"Why not?"

"We went through this before remember, only I know the true name of my sword, and as such only I can call it in and out of existance. Even if I did give it to you, it would be futile because if I wanted it I would just have to call it and it would come to me."

"Fine, you can have the sword as long as you're not planning a break-out."

"I can't break out, I don't have enough energy to float so far across water with so many people. If I went alone, I would just barely make it."

"Right, so you're stuck here. You remember your old inmate number right?"

I shove my sleeve up and there is a brand in my arm.

"Oh yes, I could never forget." I looked at the brand. "It's 259383."

"Good, now your room is in the boy's dormitory. It is on floor three, room six. Here's the key."

At this she handed me a key. I took it and walked to my dorm. I walked up the stairs and walked to my room, and I stuck a key in the door when I heard someone coming up. Wind, hide me. And I was hidden. I saw a man sneaking across the hallway, and I could tell that he was definately not an AVALANCHE spy. Wind, show me. And the shroud of darkness lifted and the man jumped, surprised that I was there.

"Hello, who are you?"

"I'm Dil. Did you just appear?"

"My name is Artemis, and yes I did."


"I have the ability to control the wind."

"Oh, I have the ability to control people."

"Amazing," I paused, "are there going to be clothes in the dorm?"

"Only if you didn't come with a change."

"Oh, perfect, thank you, have a good night."

"You too."

I unlocked the door and walked in. My first male to male conversation on this island, perfect. I closed the door and left it unlocked. I walked to the bed and saw a pair of pyjamas perfectly laid out. Man, they're fast. I take off my ratty and dirty clothes and put on these pyjamas. I pull back the covers and crawl in. My first bed with sheets and blankets since I was twelve. And at that, I slept, and had a rather peculair dream about eating jalapeno peppers and learning how to control fire.

The End

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