Kayla: Headache

"Okay, great." I said looking at my hands, "Well I'm Canadian too, by the way."

Oh good choice of words Kayla, eh? Oh yeah perfect.

"So were what? Stuck here from now on?" I asked looking at Artemis, "So the US wants to use us, without our permission, to become the strongest country ever? That's so not cool.  I won't agree to it.  They can't, just can't do this.  Isn't this like illegal?"

He thought about it for a second then looked me right in the eyes, "I don't know but i doubt we have a choice."

Oh great! This is just bloody perfect! UGH! I got up and kicked the tree then bashed my palms into and leaned my head to it.  Suddenly my head started to really hurt.  That was strange.  I pulled away from the tree and reluctantly pulled my hands off it too.  The headache was gone.  I looked at Artemis with confussion plastered on my face praying for an answer to what was wrong with me.

"What just happened?" I asked.

The End

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