Trixie: Midnight Walk

After we help Rosalie put her things away we said goodnight and went to bed. I woke up at midnight and notice Dil sleeping here. I woke him up.

"You're not supposed to be in here." I whispered to him. He stood up and together we walked outside.

"Sorry." he said "W-We were j-just talking." I smiled at him. I don't know why but I just loved his stutter. I walked him to the boys dorm where we said goodnight and I walked off. I wandered to my favorite spot on the beach and sat down.

"Wow." I said to myself "It's been years since there were other kids besides me here. Everyone thought they were long gone." I layed my head on my arms and looked up at the sky. I did this almost every night. After a while I ended up dozing off.

The End

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