I awoke to see Dil standing in front of me. I yawned and sat up, gasping and fixing my hair.

"How long have I been a sleep?" he looked at his watch.

"Well, it's been exactly one minute."

 I slumped back down in my bed. "Oh."

"You should go back to sleep, it's late."

"I'm not tired any more." I smile, he rolls his eyes then sits at the end of my bed, I push my covers off of me and sit cross-legged. "What's your power Del?" I asked him.

"I just have mind powers...It's kind of complicated." he mumbles, scratching the back of his neck. I look at his eyes.

"Stay still." I mumbled, he froze like a solid rock, a confused expression on his face. I looked at his eyes again and leaned in closer. I squinted as he looked at me worried,"You're eyes are...beautiful." I smiled and pulled back.

He looked away awkwardly, "Uh...thanks. And, like I said. It's late, you should get some sleep-" he got up to move but I pulled his hand back.

"Tell me about your powers. I want to know."

"Go back to sleep-"

"Please?" I always was very stubborn. With a sigh, he got back onto the bed and sat next to me, lean't up against my other two pillows.

"So," he grinned and looked out of my bedroom window at the moon then turned back to me, "where do I start?"

He explained everything with such detail, that by the time he'd finished, I'd fallen asleep on his shoulder, and he'd fallen asleep on my head. Were boy's allowed in girls rooms? I didn't think so, but I obviously must've been very tired!

The End

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