"Wait!" I called, sitting up on my bed and reaching my hand out, then sighing when she didn't come back. After a few seconds, she did.

"Yes?" She popped her head around the door, her eyes turning to a light shade of ocean blue, mediterian sea of course.

"Thank you...for welcoming me. I'm sorry if I was rude about your hair, I actually think it's beautiful." I grinned. She giggled and walked in, sitting on my bed next to me, not bothering to close the door. 

"So, what's your gift?" she asked me, politely.

"I don't really see it as a gift..."I mumbled, "but, I'm what the goverment call a Watcher. I can see the future." I shrugged. "What about you?" It took me a moment to notice she was three years younger than me. Well I was her height, seeing as I was stupidly short.

"I can change the colour of my eyes and use the powers of animals." I smiled.

"That's actually really interesting, I-" At that moment, a boy walked in. He had white blonde hair and blu-ish hazel eyes that were very big. I smiled and stood up. He slowly walked towards us, he was my age, well his features showed it.

"Um...dinner is uh...ready." He said shyly, Ember walked over to him.

"Oh, Dil, this is Rosalie. She's new here." Ember nodded to me and I smiled at the boy called Dil.

"Hi." He gave a grin, I noticed he had a strange accent. One I couldn't recognize.


The End

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