New Person!!!

I surfaced from the water when I heard a plane arriving. A girl stepped off the plane and gave the pilot (It was Bob the pilot. My favorite pilot in the world.) a look that said, "Thanks for bringing me here...not." I know what looks from the eyes mean. I swam back to shore  and followed her to the dorm, only about fifteen paces behind her. I watched as she threw her shoes onto her bed then flopped on it herself.

"Welcome to the island." I smiled at her at the same time as changing my eye color to a happy orange. She jumped a little at my words. She hadn't noticed my eye color before I had changed it. "What's your name?"

"Rosalie Haynes." She answered uncertainly.

"You hungry? There's a cafeteria along that path if you are. My name's Ember by the way." She looke at me like I was an alien.

"What's with your hair? Did you dye it like that?" She was the first person to ask me that all year, at the island anyway.

"No, strangely, it's naturally like this. That's how I got my name." I gave her a smile and said, "I'll let you just settle in now." I turned and left to go get Trixie.

The End

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