There are special people in this world, we don't ask to be special...we are just born this way. We're gifted with powers, i'm what people call a Watcher who can see the future, even if that's not always as simply as it sounds. The Goverment made an island for other people gifted with powers. We're here to train so the goverment can use us as weapons.

My name is Rosalie Haynes, and I just want to go home.

I looked out of the window at my reflection, watching my dark brown curls occasionaly bounce when the plane jostled. I gazed into my marron coloured eyes, watching them blink. Then, looking away from my reflection, I stared down at the sea and looked away quickly. I wasn't a big fan of heights.

The plane slowly came to a stop on the beach, and I undid my seatbelt and stood up, taking my bag that had a tag on it saying, "My dear, beautiful daughter. Be safe." I rolled my eyes at the beautiful part. That was a big lie. As I stood behind the pilot, I noticed how short I was compared to him. Well I was short in general.

I walked over to the door and turned to the pilot, nodded and smiled sarcastically, a look on my face that said, "Thanks for bringing me hear...not." I stepped off of the plane and walked up to a woman dressed in black. She gave me a map showing me where my dorm was. I nodded and went straight there, not wanting to go to the canteen because I didn't feel hungry.


I opened the my door to see a big, nearly empty room apart from a wardrobe, bed, a few windows and a bedside table. I closed the door and stared at plain blue wall, flipping my shoes off and throwing them by my bed, not wanting to ruin the clean, white carpet, I fell onto the bed and dropped my bags.

I wanted to go home already.

The End

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