Artemis: Intriging...

I listened to her story with thoughtful interest. And, when she finished, began to speak.

"Well, the fact that I didn't tell you about my suspicions of you coinciding with the air only gives further evidence to my theory."

Her eyes widened with surprise.

"I thought you told me that?"

I shook my head.

"Nope, I thought about it."

Her face seemed to cascade with the realization of my words.

"I can read minds too?"

Her stunned face turned into a smile.

"Yes, it would appear so. But, regardless, AVALANCHE wants something from us. Their job was to create a superhuman army to make the U.S. one of the most powerful countries. Even though I'm Canadian, they got a hold of me. And, what is more worrisome, this island doesn't show up on maps, the wind here feels very humid, rather tropical. I think we're in the Tropic of Cancer in the southern and western hemisphere. I think on the island of Marotiri. Though it's just a guess."

"Marotiri? Where's that?"

"A remote island near the french polynesia."

"So, we can get back?"

I look at her with a sad look on my face.

"Not sure on that, but I don't feel like trying and then finding out that I just plummet into the ocean."

The End

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