Kayla: My story

I listen to Artemis's story with interest, trying to understand all of what he was saying. I took another bite out of the apple I was eating letting it fill me up.  

"So what are you saying?" I ask looking at him, "You think I can control the wind because I can move things and see the future?" 

He looked at me for a second with a thoughtful expression like he was trying to find the right words to say but it was my turn to say my story.

"A few years ago my parents got devorced." I started, "It happened suddenly one day my dad was there the next I didn't see him.  It was later on that I realized they didn't get devorced, he was murdered.  Of course my mom didn't tell me. I had a dream one night that some black figure had started to hunt him forcing him into hiding.  The black thing found him and killed him.  I thought it was a dream until one day I was walking home from school. I had the choice between two streets and for some reason I took the longer route of which I never took.  I didn't even feel myself walking but the next thing I knew I was at a cemitary at the foot of my dad's gravestone.  I didn't get along with my mom after that.  It was during diner and I had gotten made and asked when she planned on telling us that dad was dead.  My brothers and sisters got really upset and mad, no one would talk to me except my oldest brother, Connor. 

"Later on I got into a fight with my mom and I would notice little thing move like  a pillow or a piece of paper or a light flicker.  But then one day i got mad at my mom for not letting me stay up to watch t.v. on a saturday when I had done chores for her all day long and I sent a remote into the television without thinking about it.   People were suddenly very interested in me and I ended up here. "


The End

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