Artemis: Well, let's start from the beggining

What do we have to do with anything, what a good question. I begin thinking as Kayla and I walk to nowhere inparticular. I am following her and she is following me, the perfect way to get somewhere.

"Well, I don't know, but I want to share with you a bit about my past, because I feel that you have had close to the same if not identical."

We stopped in the shade of a rather large tree, we decided to sit. She was eating out of her bowl of fruit and her ears were open with excitement.

"Well, I am sixteen now, about seven or eight years ago I first learnt that I could control the wind. It was a sunny august afternoon after school, and I was playing in my front yard with my friends. When a bigger kid came along. His name was Mike, he was the bully. So, he grabbed one of my friends and started taunting him, I feeling brave decided to fight him off. Mike got a few good hits in there, then I heard a whisper in my ear, saying 'don't be afraid with the wind at your back.' And following these words, Mike soon knew how it was to fall until he almost hit the ground, then he slowly floated up, and was let go again. This went on for quite some time, until I had to go to dinner, all my friends left, and the moment I closed the door, he fell. Luckly, the only thing he broke was his nose, but he didn't pick on anyone else.

"After this incident I began to practice with my wind abilities, simple moving stuff. After about a month I had complete control of it, and it made my life quite the bit easier.

"After a while, I began to learn more about the wind from beings called the sylphs, who I could now see. With their help, my control over the wind turned into a mastery. They now call me 'Artemis, God of the Vicissitudal Wind.' Which means, the fast-changing wind.

"I then, shortly thereafter met the Venti, or the Anemoi, the eight winds. With them, I forged my sword, I call it Venti in honour of them but the true name is a secret shared with myself and myself only because it is that name which allows me to call it in and out of existance."

She nodded with an almost engrossed expression.

"This all happened over the course of about four years, then came the moment that changed my life. A man in a suit, claiming to be from the school, said that I was gifted and that I was going to go to a conference in New York to meet with the greatest minds in science and that he needed my mom's permission. She looked at me and saw that I had no idea what was going on, so she said no. Then, the man pulled out a gun and said 'I'm sorry, that's not an option.' And with those words, he shot her. And I should've been able to stop that bullet, but I didn't, I don't know why."

"It's not your fault."

I smiled at her calm reassurance.

"Yes, well, after that I ran, and they continuously tried to chase me. I met with others of my kind once, and the told me to turn myself into AVALANCHE, as they were called, to get information. I agreed.

"I got caught, and got in. It was horrible, it was like a jail, except it was secret, underground, and had people like you and I, people with powers. It was there that I learnt my trick 'Breath of Knowledge.' It does more than just tell me about you, if I leave it in there for a while you become my zombie, and do everything that I tell you to. So, I used that and was able to get alot of information about the organization, then I figured I had had enough of captivity and I broke out, heh, all of us. I sent a sudden wind shock wave, and through the stale and compressed air it traveled faster than the speed of light, all the bars were instantly demolished and everyone escaped, except for the few that got shot by the guards.

"Then, I ended up on a boat, running from an AVALANCHE guard, and I casted a spell upon the wind so that it would lead me to a safe place. And, I ended up here. But, the fact that AVALANCHE are dropping people off here means that this is the new prision, or this is a training ground. I'm just not sure for what though."

Then, I sat, quiet, and began to think about my past, my present, and my future, and how they all seemed to be the same.

The End

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