The Outing (Matt)

If I did and knowing myself pretty well at this point I most definately would, would that make me  an accomplice. Who cares I thought as I stood up and offering Jenny a hand.

"Tomorrow." I agreed and for the second time that night I took her back to her dorm.


The sun was shining as I walked to the dining hall. Inside I picked up as much food as I could fit on one plate. I was still getting used to having food whenever I wanted it. I was more than three quarters the way through my minature feast when Jenny came in. She collected her own tray (less than half of what I had taken) and she sat down opposite me.

"Hi," she greeted "are you ready to go looking for the painting after breakfast?" I expeected this and answered with my prepared statement.

"Yes." I made a mental note not to pursue a career in  writing. She grinned and ate her food.

After we finished we left the dining hall and walked out into the sunshine. We satrted towards the crash site. The wreckage was still there.

"It's Amazing no ones taken this away yet." Jenny commented before rushing over to the wreck and pulling of some metal sheets that looked like they used to be doors. I followed suit and went around the other side and tug off another peice on burned shrapnel. I climb into the burnt out shell and help Jenny get in through the deofrmed doorway.

The End

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