painting. (Jenny)

I should have expected somebody to ask about the question sooner or later. After all, I'd just asked Matt some (quite clearly) personal questions about his seemed only fair to reciprocate. I took a breath. 'Well.'

'Taylor and I needed some money. For his mother. She's...' I stopped and looked at Matt. For a second I wasn't going to tell him, but then I remembered all he had done for me. I also just felt...looking at him, I felt safe. That I could tell him things and he would lock them in his head, promise not to tell or turn on me. 'His mother was taken away. They put her an some institution, so Taylor and I needed money for when we broke her out. The plan was to get to her, then use the money to find a house, settle down, keep her safe. Taylor and I were both prepared to give up our educations: we had some qualifications, and we were both smart enough to get alright jobs.

'Taylor found a leaflet for a moving art exhibition that was coming to the gallery in the city, so we arranged to take one of the paintings- it was called The Outing, I think. All pastelly colours and happy bonnet people. Taylor said he knew it was worth a lot, so I went along with him- I just wanted to help in whatever way I could.' I closed my eyes for a second while I relived the argument I had had with my adopted parents the night we left. We all got so heated...I said some things that now I regretted so much, especially as I doubted I would see them again. I opened my eyes once more and continued with the story.  'So we took it quite easily-Taylor had planned the heist to a T. All I had to do was do what he said. He thought the helicopter was a swell idea...just a big boys' toy.' I half smiled and half grimaced at the lethal potential of this "toy". ' I have no idea where the painting is, probably somewhere in the wreck.' I looked around the dormitory. It seemed a little lighter. 'Would you mind, helping me look for it tomorrow?'

The End

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