Why can't anybody relax? (Grif)

That'll probably be the last time I ever take a nap on this island again. Too much sudenly decides to happen everytime I close my eyes. First a helicopter crash and now a bunch of new people are showing up left and right.

After I'd picked up the guy's body that Trixie had told me to carry back to the dorm, I got really tired. Stupid gym class never prepared me for that kind of stuff, or maybe I'm just not all that strong...myabe it's I'm not all that strong because I never really tried that hard in gym class...hmm.

Whatever, so, I placed the guy on a bed and wandered off to one of the rooms that seemed empty down at the end of the hall and rested my eyes. I really didn't sleep for too long, but when I woke up it was getting kind of dark-ish. What's the oppostite of dawn? Dusk, right? I figure I'll just go and relax off in the shadows of the approaching evening. I'm not outside for five minutes when another plane comes down and another new person is dropped off.

Well, up comes some other dude running like the wind to where the plane just left. Don't let me forget this guy's running with a sword. Who in their right mind runs with a sword? If running with scissors is dangerous then I don't even want to think what might happen when running with a sword. So sword-guy and new-girl chat for a second when, from out of nowhere, a bowl of fruit floats to them. How? Why? I really doubt I want to know.

Then there's this girl that strolls on into the boy's dorms with some other fellow I've never seen, granted I've only been here two days and most of that time has been spent sleeping, where do all these people come from? I thought we were on a secluded island. Anyway, The guy and girl walk inside and who knows what happens. It won't be me starting any rumors, I'll tell you that. After a bit, the girl walks out of the dorms and disappears form my sight, but the guy comes zipping out of the place like a bat outta hell, and the two of them re-enter the dorms.

And to finish my dusk-time shadow stalking, Ember strolls on into the dorms too. I'm so lost. I guess I'm the only one that didn't have a busy day.

...I wonder if there's any food around here? I could always ask the new girl and sword-guy for some fruit. Nah, I'm too comfy right now. I think I'll just keep relaxing.

The End

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