One Blink and Everything Changes.

I opened my eyes and realized I had fallen asleep. I sat up and looked over where Jenny's bed was. Empty. I jumped out of bed and walked toward the boy's dorm. I bet she went to see Taylor. I wonder how he's doing. As I drew closer, I used the powers of a barn owl to hear what was going on.

"Jenny..." I heard a voice, raspy, like from a fire. Must be Taylor. I pushed open the door of the boy's dorm, then the door of the E.R. for the boys to find Jenny and another boy, as well as the one I had pulled from the fire, presumably Taylor.

"Jenny? Is that your name?" I looked at the girl. She merely nodded. I looked over at the boy in bandages. "Isn't that...Taylor?"

"Yes." She looked sad but not super sad. I looked at the other boy in the room.

"What's your name?" I asked the boy, who was looking extremely awkward.

"Matt." He looked shy. I nodded to him and turned to leave.

"I need to go look around the island." I really did. I needed to lift my spirits, one way or another. As I approached the ocean, I thought A swim will be nice. I dove into the ocean and instantly felt better. I could breathe using fish gills. That's my power besides my eyes. As I swam towards a coral reef, I felt my thoughts melt away.

The End

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