It took just a second to realise who Matt meant when he woke me, and I jumped from my bed and ran out of the dorm, without even thinking of shoes. The long path took only a minute to run. I felt my feet pushing off the ground with each stride, and each step felt smooth and easy against my bare feet. The air was humid enough that I didn't feel cold in my pyjamas, and I burst through the boy's dormitory before Matt could catch up with me. There was only one thought in my mind.

I had to see those blue blue eyes again, if only for a minute. I grabbed Taylor's hand and he opened his eyes surprised. My other hand clenched and I felt a tear prick the corner of my eye. 'Taylor!'

'Jenny.' He could only just say my name, and this small reminder of the condition he was in made my heart sting. I heaved a great sigh to collect any sobs forming in my throat again. He opened his mouth again. 'You're Ok'

'Yes...it's a funny story, I think it might be a safe place for us, this island. I have...' I beamed at him and felt a tear roll down my cheek like an escaped prisoner. 'I...have these powers, I can make myself feel better. But you..' I trailed off half-heartedly.

Taylor seemed confused. 'What?...' his eyes widened as some moment of realisation dawned on him. 'The painting.'

'It's Ok. This island is safe, the people here are good.' I smiled as I remembered the kindness of Trixie, Ember. Matt. All of these people who had only just met me. 'they understand. They'll help....and I will find the painting for you.' Only the last statement seemed to ease Taylor. Then again...what he had told me kindof put things in perspective. He did need the money. Taylor suddenly drifted and closed his eyes again. I gave his hand a last squeeze and whispered, 'I'll come back.'

I walked up to Matt and couldn't help myself. I wasn't normally the kind for displays of friendship and affection, but I just felt myself flinging my arms around him. I realised not everyone really liked the close contact so I quickly stopped, but immediately I felt better. Slumping down on the floor, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep again so I looked up at Matt. 'Are you sleepy? Because right now I could do with some talking.'

The End

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