I say goodbye and walk off in the dark, I feel sympathy towards Jenny. Before I left I could see the deafeat in her eyes the sorrow and the fear. I climb solemly into bed, but I don't sleep, I can't. The only thought in my head is that next door a boy could slowly be dying.

I climb back out of the bed and walk into the next room. Taylor is still there just lying there. I walk to his bedside and look down at the limp body. I listen carefully, the beat in his chest sending out sound waves that move the air. I can hear it now innsitant and unstoppable the beat if a heart.

Then his eyes blink open. I take step back in surprise, I retrive my courage from deep in my stomach where it had hidden and reached out tentatively pulling back the darkened bandages. I watch in shock as his skin has still burned and scarred but his eyes are blinking awake.

"Jenny...?" his voice rasps. I panic.

"Ye...I'll just get her shall I." I sprinted from the room parting the air in front of me so there was no friction. The girls dormitory was darkend when I arrived just seconds later but I walked in anyway. I moved silently to Jennys bed.

"Jenny..." I whispered, she jumped in her bed and lashed out punching me in th face.

"God, Matt. Sorry." She said as I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"It's fine it's just Taylor woke up."

The End

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