'You look tired.' Matt's blue eyes stared at me and I couldn't help thinking of Taylor's much more defined, piercing eyes that made me feel reckless and young. Those eyes which were shut over....and I'd never see them again. I wiped my wet cheeks with my sleeve, smearing sleep and tears.

'I suppose I should get back to the dorm...they wanted me to sleep.'

'I'll walk you back.' I half smiled at his attempt at gentlemanly behaviour, and after one long last look at Taylor I traipsed from the boys' dormitory. I heard in my head a  "goodbye, Taylor" but I refused to say it out loud. He would wake up..right?

We stepped out and I frowned at the rain, which seemed heavy until Matt walked on the sand, when it suddenly died down to a light drizzle, and then a few spits. I blinked dozily. 'Sorry,' I apologised. 'I'm still not that used to all the power thingies...this is new for me. You've seen what I can do- I have to say, I only thought I had healing powers. I had no idea about...that.' I shuddered, remembering the rush of Taylor's brain into mine. A part of my head was still spinning . 'So, you can control the weather or something?'

'I suppose you could say that. More an element "thingy", as you put it.' I suddenly felt a rush of gratitude towards Matt. This guy had only just met me, but still he had taken me to Taylor, watched while I'd gone crazy, not freaked out, and thought about my welfare. I felt a little silly- just a little sixteen year old girl, stuck in the middle of nowhere. No parents. Nothing. I was glad to see my dorm as we walked to the entrance. I thanked Matt, and watched until he had walked back before slipping back to bed. Nobody seemed to have noticed. I smirked to myself as I wondered if there was a girl with a movement sensor power.

As I lay in bed, about to drift off again, I felt sleep overpower any earlier fear. It was just a little thought as I slept, but developed into a noise. A machine, like at a hospital, some kind of monitor. A beep of despair, long and piercing like those sky blue eyes. A beep of defeat.

The End

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