Kayla: Blobs of Greens, Browns and Blues

Wow, sudden head rush.  I felt oddly dizzy and confused. is name was Artemis.  That was the only thing I knew.  The words came out of his mouth and for a second I though he hadn't said a thing, but then I really heard.  I heard every little detail and whisper of his words.

"Hi.  I'm , er-, Kayla." I felt foolish now, I didn't even know my own name! but I was tired and I felt strange I was amazed I was even able to think, "I don't really know anything about this place or anything.  I am 11 years old and I wasn't told a thing.  I moved a few things with my mind and scared my family and next thing I know I'm here."

I paused to look at my surroundings, but I felt really light headed and tired and could barely see past the boy in-front of me.  The colours behind the boy were blurred and fuzzy blobs of greens and browns and blues.  The boy still starred at me.  He was different, I could sense it.  Who he was though and why he was speaking to me, was still a mystery, though. 

The End

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