Artemis: She can't hear me.

The girl continues to not reply to my questions. She asked me questions, and I answered, but it seems as if she didn't hear me. I wonder.

"Breath of knowledge!"

With these words said a wind rustled up, and I felt myself floating upon that wind. And, then I knew, her name was Kayla. Then, I stopped myself before I could continue, but before I stopped I saw her at her dad's funeral.

"Wind, flow through her and make her hear, let her ears be healed."

At this, the wind rustled again. Then, it was as if I knew she could hear. I bent low, hoping the closer I was the better she could hear me.

"Hello, Kayla, my name is Artemis." I hold out my hand for a handshake. "Tell me, what do you know of AVALANCHE and this place."

The End

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